Discipline of Philosophy

Dr Yolandi M Coetser

College of Human Sciences
School of Humanities
Tel: 012 429 6596
E-mail: coetsym@unisa.ac.za


  • DLitt et Phil (Philosophy) (University of Johannesburg)
  • MA (Philosophy) (University of Johannesburg)
  • BA (Honours) (Philosophy) (University of Johannesburg)
  • BA (Journalism) (University of Johannesburg)

Currently teaching

  • PLS2601 (Critical Reasoning)
  • PLS3701 (Theoretical and Applied Ethics: Biomedical Ethics)
  • HRPLS81 (Philosophy Research Report)
  • PLS4802 (A thorough study of a period in the history of philosophy)

Fields of academic interests

  • Animal cognition and animal ethics
  • Environmental ethics
  • Political philosophy

Field of Specialisation

  • Ethics
  • Applied Ethics
  • Aesthetics

Journal articles

  • ‘Animals and art: The ethics of using animals as media in contemporary (conceptual) art’ in New Spatial Approaches: New Techniques and Theory in Contemporary Art, Istanbul: ARTHEO Conference Proceedings, 2014, pp. 163 – 174.
  • Rewriting Aquinas’ animal ethics: the primacy of reason in the determination of moral status.”, South African Journal of Philosophy, 34(3), 2015, Pp. 289-303. (Co-authored with Callum David Scott). DOI: 10.1080/02580136.2015.1055450. URL: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/ref/10.1080/02580136.2015.1055450.


DLitt et Phil (Philosophy):
Title: The use of animals in art: An ethics for aesthetics (in progress, estimated completion date 2017)
Department of Philosophy – supervised by Prof. H.P.P. Lötter, Co-supervised by Dr. C.F. Botha.
University of Johannesburg