Department of Christian Spirituality, Church History and Missiology

Prof A van Schalkwyk

College of Human Sciences
School of Humanities
Associate Professor
Tel: 012 429 4685


  • PhD in Theology 

Fields of academic interests

  • Faith communities’ contribution to community organisation, development and activism in urban and rural contexts
  • The contributions of South African women to transformation and SHALOM
  • Ecofeminist theology, ecofeminist spirituality and action for sustainable livelihoods and societies
  • Christian mission as oiko-mission, or Christian mission as earth care and eco-justice
  • Indigenous knowledge systems, land justice and sustainable economic alternatives to neo-colonial macro-economics and development

Field of Specialisation

  • Faith communities and community development
  • Women, gender and missiology
  • Oiko-missiology
  • Ecofeminist theology


Book Chapters

  • 2002.    “The story of Anne Hope: A white woman’s contribution towards South African liberation” in (eds) I A Phiri, D B Govinden & S Nadar. Her-stories: Hidden histories of women of faith in Africa. Pietermaritzburg: Cluster Publications.
  • 2012. “Women, religion and sustainability in post-apartheid South(ern) Africa” in (eds) I Swart, T Ekstrand, A Gouws, P Petterson. Women, religion and gender in post-apartheid South Africa: A South African – Nordic European exchange of perspectives. University of Uppsala: CSRS Series / Stellenbosch: SUN Publishers.
  • 2011  “Sallie McFague’s understanding of salvation”. Section in chapter on “Western ecofeminist theologies”,  in Creation and salvation: Essays on recent theo­logi­cal movements, Volume 2: A Mosaic of Selected Modern Christian Theologies, edited by Ernst Conradie.  Berlin: LIT Verlag.

Journal articles

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  • UPCOMING: “Living in the land: An oiko-theological response to the Amadiba Crisis Committee of Xolobeni’s struggle for Ubuntu, land and ecology” in Missionalia.