Department of Biblical and Ancient Studies

Prof MEA de Marre

College of Human Sciences
School of Humanities
Department: Biblical and Ancient Studies
Associate Professor
Tel: 012 429 6394
Fax: 012 429 4570


  • BA  (majors: English, Latin, Greek, Classical Culture) Stellenbosch, 1982-84
  • BA Honours cum laude (Classical Culture) Stellenbosch, 1985
  • MA cum laude (Classical Culture) Stellenbosch, 1988
  • BA Honours cum laude (Latin, Greek), Stellenbosch 1989
  • DLitt et Phil (Ancient History) Unisa, 2003

Currently teaching

  • Ancient History (all Under-graduate and post-graduate levels)
  • Ancient Greek (Short Courses)

Fields of academic interests

  • Socio-political history involving women in Roman North Africa
  • Female empowerment in ancient Greco-Roman society
  • Lives of the early Christians in North Africa

Field of Specialisation

  • North Africa in Greco-Roman antiquity
  • Gender in Greco-Roman antiquity
  • Empowerment in Greco-Roman antiquity


Book chapters

  • 'Aelia Arisuth: Mithraic Matron or Popular Patron’ in Hommage à B Hendrickx, ed. by WJ Henderson, 2015, 215-239.
  • ‘One Oracle Too Many? Corippus (and Procopius) on Female Prophecy in North Africa’ in Prophets and Profits: Ancient Divination and Its Reception, ed. by RJ Evans, 2018.

Journal articles

  • 'Docta nimis visa et facunda: Wishful Thinking or Social Reality’, Acta Classica, 2004. 47, 51-74. 
  • ‘Arming or Charming: Obsequium and Domestic Politics in Roman North Africa’,  Akroterion, 2004.50, 39-50.
  • ‘Augustine and Fulgentius: Vying or Parallelled African Lives’. Journal for Early Christian History, 2016.1, 1-25. 

Paper presentations

  • Unisa Classics Colloquium (Ancient Life-writing), 26 October 2016: “Augustine and Fulgentius, parallel or vying African Lives”.
  • AENES seminar 2017, 16 March 2017: “Ancient Empire-building: The Persians and the Greeks”.
  • Italian heritage seminar, Dept. of Afrikaans and Theory of Literature, 31 March 2017: “The Libyan Sibyl”.

Professional positions, fellowships & awards

  • Recipient of Vogel Merit Award (2004)
  • Recipient of Unisa Woman of the Year Award (2010)
  • Chair of Department (Classics and World Languages) (2007-2013)


  • The depiction of mothers in the lives of early Christian fathers
  • Portrayal of female oracles in the epic of Corippus
  • Race and racial stereotyping in North African authors