Department of Anthropology and Archaeology

Mr GH Maree

College of Human Sciences
School of Humanities
Department: Anthropology and Archaeology
Tel: 012 429 6448


  • BA (Hons)(University of Pretoria)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Museum Science (University of Pretoria)
  • MA Anthropology (University of South Africa)
  • DLitt et Phil Anthropology (University of Johannesburg) candidate

Fields of academic interests

  • An investigation into the origin and evolution of language through the windows of Middle Stone Age symbolic behaviour and technologies that signal cognitive complexity similar to that of contemporary humans.
  • A contextual, textual, and nonverbal approach to the interpretation of the layers of meaning that arise from performances of South African struggle songs, poems and plays.

Journal articles

  • Maree, G.H. 2003. You strike for a woman, you strike a rock: paradox in worker performances and women’s rights’ in Anthropology Southern Africa. 26(3&4):150-158.


  • Dr Erika Lemmer, Department of Afrikaans and Theory of Literature, University of South Africa. An investigation of how cultural and national identities are represented in the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency series by Alexander McCall Smith and tours which are offered for tourists in search of Mma Ramotswe's (the main character in the novels) Botswana.