Department of English Studies

Prof P Makoe

College of Human Sciences
School of Arts
Department: English Studies
Associate Professor
Tel: 012 429 4543


  • PhD English in Education (University of London, Institute of Education, 2009)

Fields of academic interests

  • The Politics of English
  • Language Ideologies
  • English in Education
  • Language, Class and Identity/Subjectivity
  • Multilingualism in Schooling
  • Classroom Discourse


Book Chapters:

  • Blommaert, J. and Makoe, P. (2012). Class in Class: Ideological Processes in Desegregated Classrooms in South Africa. In Zhou Qingshen and Dong Jie (eds) Language Change and Ecology. China Intellectual Property Publishing House: Beijing. pp.111-129.
  • Makoe, P. (2015) Language Acquisition and Language Learning. In Phatudi N (ed.) Introducing English as First Additional Language in the Early Years. Cape Town: Pearson. pp. 21-40.
  • Makoe, P. (2015) Theories of Second Language Acquisition. In Phatudi, N (ed.) Introducing English as First Additional Language in the Early Years. Cape Town: Pearson. pp. 41-55.

Journal articles

  • Makoe, P. and McKinney, C. (2014). Linguistic ideologies in multilingual South African suburban schools. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development. Special Issue: Multilingual Literacies and Social Change in African Communities. Vol 35 (7), pp.658-673.
  • Makoe, P. (2014). Constructing Identities in a Linguistically Diverse Learning Context. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism. Special Edition on Bi-Multilingual Identity in Southern Africa. Vol 17 (6), pp.654-667.
  • Masemola, K and Makoe, P. (2014) Synecdoche and Allegory in the filmic record of the memory of African Genocide in John Le Carre’s The Constant Gardener. Journal of Literary Studies. Vol 30 (3), pp.67-77.
  • Masemola, K and Makoe, P. (2014) Musical Space as Site of Transculturation of Memory and Transformation of Consciousness:  The re-affirmation of Africa in the Black Atlantic Assemblage. Muziki: Journal of Music Research in Africa. Vol 11 (1), pp.63-70.
  • Makoe, P. (2012) Language, Discourses and Identity Construction in a Multilingual South African Primary School. The Golden Jubilee Commemorative Edition. English Academy Review. Southern African Journal of English Studies.Vol 29: Supplement 1, pp.233-248.
  • Makoe, P. and McKinney, C. (2009) Hybrid Discursive Practices in a South African Multilingual Primary Classroom: A Case Study. English Teaching: Practice and Critique. Special Issue. Subject English in Bilingual and Multilingual Settings: Embracing the Linguistic Other. Vol 8 (2), pp.80-95.
  • Pachler Norbert, Makoe Pinky, Burns Michele and Blommaert Jan (2008) The Things (We Think) We (Ought To) Do: Ideological Processes and Practices in Teaching. Teaching and Teacher Education. An International Journal of Research and Studies. Vol. 24 (2), pp.437-450.