Department of English Studies

Ms R Latha

College of Human Sciences
School of Arts
Department: English Studies
Tel: 012 429 6279


  • MA (Wits) 

Fields of academic interests

  • English Education
  • African women’s writing

Field of Specialisation

  • English Education
  • Business English
  • African women’s writing

Journal articles

  • ‘The how of a pedagogy of multiliteracies: designing social futures as an approach to the teaching of The Drum Decade in the South African classroom.’ Journal for Language Teaching. Vol. 35/1, 2001.
  • Feminisms in an African context: Mariama Ba’s So Long a Letter’ in Agenda No. 50, 2001.
  • ‘The development of critical and cultural literacies in a study of Mariama Ba’s So Long a Letter in the South African literature classroom’ in Literator Vol 23(3), 2002.
  • ‘ Mariama Ba’s So Long a Letter and the educational empowerment of Muslim women’ in Acta Academica Vol 36(1), 2004.
  • ‘ A functional fusion of literacies: the graphic adaptation of Bessie Head’s short story, ‘The Collector of Treasures’ in Journal for Language Teaching. 41/1 June 2007.
  • ‘A re-shaping of gender activism in a Muslim context’. In Agenda No. 83. 2010
  • Belonging and Unbelonging in Fatou Diome’s Belly of the Atlantic (Accepted for publication by Scrutiny 2) 2016.
  • Articulating Visibility in the Africa- Muslim contexts of Mariama Ba’s So Long a Letter and Leila Abouzeid’s Year Of the Elephant: A Moroccan woman’s journey toward independence. Journal of Literary Studies 1 2016.


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