Department of Communication Science

Prof DF du Plessis

College of Human Sciences
School of Arts
Department: Communication Science
Tel: 012 429 6570


  • BA Communication Science 
  • MA Communication Science
  • DLitt et Phil (Communication Science)

Fields of academic interests

  • Learning organisation and spirituality in organisations
  • Public Relations
  • News values

Field of Specialisation

  • Organisational Communication
  • Political Communication
  • Media Studies: News values 


Book chapters:

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Journal articles

  • Barker, R & Du Plessis, DF. 2002. Towards an integrated communication profession: A pilot study, Communicare: Journal for Communication Sciences in Southern Africa 21(2).
  • Du Plessis, D. 1990. Kan politieke televisiedebatte kiesers oorreed? 'n Loodsstudie [Can political television debates persuade? A pilot study]. Communicatio 16(1):25-28
  • Du Plessis, D. 1995. Voortgesette onderwys as skakelinstrument by oud-studenteskakelwerk. [Continuing education as public relations tool  in alumni relations]. Communicatio 21(2):26-32.
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  • Du Plessis, T C, Angelopulo GC & Du Plessis DF.  2006. A conceptual framework of corporate online communication: a marketing public relations (MPR) perspective.  Communicatio. 32(2).
  • Van der Walt, E A, Du Plessis, DF & Barker, R. 2006. Exploring the spiritual intelligent model of communication to recontextualise differences between management and employees.  Communicatio. 32(2).

Professional positions, fellowships & awards



  • Learning organisation and spirituality research project
  • SABC/Google/Unisa Educational content project
  • Communication Science multilingual concepts project