Research Institute for Theology and Religion

Prof VS Molobi

College of Human Sciences
Research Institute for Theology and Religion
Tel: 012 429 4671


  • DTh Missiology

Fields of academic interests

  • Vision for a better world and Developing new theology of the AICs
  • Health and poverty
  • AICs and traditional medicine and traditional healers
  • Sacred spaces among the AICs
  • African Pentecostals and the mainline Pentecostals
  • Ecoloby and Land evelopment

Field of Specialisation

  • African Independent Churches (AICs)
  • Pentecostal Churches
  • Ecology
  • African Traditional Religion (ATR)


  • Desertedness of the farm workers in Rust de Winter: 1994-2005. Fransisca H Chimhanda, Victor MS Molobi and Itumeleogang D Mothoagae. Unisa, RITR, 2015.
  • Dealing with poverty, health and maternal child survival: The Organisation of African Independent Church's perspective. Verbum et Ecclesia 37 (1) a1521 Author:  Victor MS Molobi
  • Living in the township: An appraisal of Pentecostal social ministry in Tshwane. Journal: HTS Vol. 70, Issue 3, 2014. ISSN (Online 2074-7705, (Print) 1609-9982.
  • The black church and family empowerment in South Africa. Journal: Studia Historiae Ecclesiasticae, Vol. 40, 2014. Supplement, pp 195-211.
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  • The historical AIC voices towards new development. Submitted for the festschrift of Prof Du Toit to be Journal: Studiae Histriae Ecclesticae August 2013, Vol.39 Supplement, 155 -167.
  • The relationship between the WCC and the OAIC: an assessment of the mutual influence on ecumenical Praxis. Journal: Studiae Histriae Ecclesticae (Dec. 2012 Vol. 38, no2).
  • Power struggle, poverty and breakaways in the African Independent Churches in South Africa. Jo urnal: Studiae Historiae Ecclesiae (Sep 2011. Vol. 37. (2)
  • The ecumenical vision of the Organization of the African Independent Churches from an educational perspective, Journal: Studiae Histriae Ecclesticae (May 2011 Vol. 37. No1).
  • African, Black and AIC Theologies as the mainstream historical sources of constructing for an African church. Scriptura 105 (2010), 494-506.
  • The past and the future of Black theology in South Africa. Studiae Histriae Ecclesticae. July 2010. Vol. 36. Supplement.


  • African Independent Churches (AICs) theology and development
  • Relationships between African Pentecostals and the mainline Pentecostalism.
  • Myth of Trees and Shrubs in the Bushveld.
  • ATR, Ecology and development