Violence, Injury and Peace Research Unit

The VIPRU, formerly known as the Crime, Violence and Injury Lead Programme (CVI), was formalised in 2001 as a partnership between UNISA and the South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC). The CVI incorporated the MRC’s former Trauma Unit’s surveillance and epidemiological research activities and the Institute’s community-focused prevention and critical theoretical work. Whereas the CVI emphasised surveillance and the epidemiology of violence and injuries in its first cycle (2001-2005), during its second cycle (2006-2010) it turned its gaze towards the study of risks and determinants of crime, violence and injuries. During the third cycle (2011-2015) the VIPRU will commit significant intellectual energies towards data driven prevention initiatives and transferable solutions for priority injury and violence issues, including safety and peace promotion. Accordingly, the third cycle will see a continuation of current public health critically-oriented research, the introduction of trans-disciplinary safety and peace promotion research, and a name change indicative of a paradigm shift.


VIPRU is co-directed by the ISHS and South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) and its mandate is to improve the population’s health status and quality of life through research and advocacy, aimed at promoting safety and peace through the prevention of death, disability and suffering arising from violence and injury. 

Strategic objectives

  • Conduct transdisciplinary, community-engaged research in violence, injury and peace
  • Undertake demonstration and public engagement initiatives that contribute to contextually sensitive and empirically based prevention and promotive practices
  • Provide postgraduate training and internship opportunities for next-generation scholars and change agents
  • Promote the use, reach and influence of research and specialist advice to champion prevention, containment, advocacy and policy
  • Grow partnerships and collaborations for research, training and public engagement
  • Ensure an enabling platform for the efficient and effective operational functioning and management of the Unit.

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