Institute for Social and Health Sciences (ISHS)

Dr Nick Malherbe

College of Graduate Studies
School of Transdisciplinary Research Institutes (STRI)
Social and Health Studies (ISHS)
Tel: 011 938 0903


  • MA Psychological Research (UCT) 
  • Bachelor of Social Science Honours (Psychology) (UCT)

Fields of academic interests

  • Community psychology
  • Visual methods
  • Culture
  • Discourse studies


  • Malherbe, N. Suffla, S., & Everitt-Penhale, B. (2019). Engaging praxes for decolonial feminist community psychologies through youth-centred participatory film-making. In F. Boonzaier, & T. van Niekerk (Eds.), Decolonial feminist community psychology (pp. 77-93). Cham, Switzerland: Springer.
  • Malherbe, N., Suffla, S., Seedat, M., Bawa, U., El-Sayed, H., & Abdo, H. A. (2018).  Consciousness-raising capacities of Photovoice: Youth understandings of Egypt’s transitional moment. In Shefer, T., Hearn, J., Ratele, K., & Boonzaier, F. (Eds.), Engaging youth in activism, research and pedagogical praxis: Transnational and intersectional perspectives on gender, sex, and race (pp. 179-196). New York, NY: Routledge.
  • Malherbe, N. Suffla, S., Seedat, M., & Bawa, U. (2017). Photovoice as liberatory enactment: The case of youth as epistemic agents. In M. Seedat, S. Suffla., & D. J. Christie (Eds.), Emancipatory and participatory methodologies in peace, critical, and community psychology (pp. 165-287). Cham, Switzerland: Springer.
  • Malherbe, N.  & Everitt-Penhale, B. (2017). Exploring participant-led film-making as a community-engaged method. In M. Seedat, S. Suffla., & D. J. Christie (Eds.), Emancipatory and participatory methodologies in peace, critical, and community psychology (pp. 133-146). Cham, Switzerland: Springer.
  • Malherbe, N. Suffla, S., & Seedat, M. (In Press). Reflexively interrogating (de)colonial praxes in critical community psychologies. In C. Walker, S. Zlotowitz, & A. Zoli (Eds.), New ideas for new times: A handbook of innovative community and clinical psychologies. London, UK: Palgrave Macmillan. 

Journal articles

  • Malherbe, N. (2019). Articulating liberation psychologies of culture. Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology, 1-16. doi: 10.1037/teo0000126
  • Day, S., Cornell, J., & Malherbe, N. (2019). Discourses of ‘service delivery protests’ in South Africa: An analysis of talk radio. Critical Discourse Studies, 1-18. doi: 10.1080/17405904.2019.1676279
  • Helman, R., Malherbe, N., & Kaminer, D. (2019). Young people’s reproductions of the ‘father as provider’ discourse: Intersections of race, class, culture and gender within a liberal democracy. Community, Work & Family, 22(2), 146-166.
  • Cornell, J., Malherbe, N., Suffla, S., & Seedat, M. (2019). Reflecting critically on the researcher-participant encounter in focus groups: Racialized interactions, contestations and (re)presentations of South Africa’s ‘protest culture’. Qualitative Research in Psychology.
  • Malherbe, N. (2018). Expanding conceptions of liberation: Holding Marxisms with liberation psychology. Theory & Psychology28(3), 340-357.
  • Dlamini, S., Helman, R., & Malherbe, N. (2018). Symbolic violence: Enactments, articulations and resistances in research and beyond. African Safety Promotion: A Journal of Injury and Violence Prevention, 16(2), 2-8.
  • Ratele, K., Cornell, J., Dlamini, S., Helman, R., Malherbe, N., & Titi, N. (2018). Some basic questions about (a) decolonizing Africa(n)-centred psychology considered. South African Journal of Psychology, 48(3), 331-342.
  • Malherbe, N., Suffla, S., Seedat, M., & Bawa, U. (2016). Visually negotiating hegemonic discourse through Photovoice: Understanding youth representations of safety. Discourse & Society27(6), 589-606.


  • Malherbe, N. (2019, April 1). Book Review: Neoliberal Psychology, by Carl Ratner. Marx & Philosophy Review of Books.
  • Malherbe, N. (2018, May 3). Liberation psychology: why an idea from the Salvadorean struggle is relevant today. The Conversation.
  • Malherbe, N. (2017, April, 21). Powerful images: Using visual language within youth safety research. Safer Spaces.
  • Malherbe, N. (2017, February 23). Water crisis exposes capitalism’s inequities. Business Day.