College of Human Sciences

College of Human Sciences leads decoloniality conversations

Unisa’s College of Human Sciences (CHS) hosted a groundbreaking conference that sought to find answers on what de-colonisation and re-Afrikanisation truly mean for South Africa and Africa? Read more

Taking fundraising to extremes

Unisa’s Dr Julie Reid will run the 250-km Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon in October to raise awareness of the illegal trade of rhino horn and to support the rhino orphanage. You can help her meet her goals! Read more

College hosts its Excellence in Teaching and Learning awards

The College of Human Sciences recently hosted its Excellence in Teaching and Learning awards to showcase the sterling work of the College and promote the continued excellence in teaching and learning. Read more

Land is the greatest heritage of African people

“We kill women but we want the land back,” said Mmatshilo Motsei, founding director of Africa Ikalafe, author, social entrepreneur and healer, when she delivered the recent Africa Speaks lecture hosted by the College of Human Sciences. Read more

The College of Human Science’s contributes to the production of South African leaders

In order to respond to the National Developmental Plan and the sustainable developmental goals the country and the continent needs soldiers that are empowered to deal with the ills of our continent. Unisa’s College of Human Science’s is ensuring that they produce such leaders in society. Read more

Human Sciences’ disciplines pertinent to the well-being of a society

Professor Nombeko Mpako has been seconded as the Director of School of Arts in the College of Humans Sciences. The associate professor of Visual Arts says she is ready to take on the director responsibilities as she speaks to us about her appointment. Read more

Unisa hosts SADC trainee election observers

The seminar shared knowledge and expertise whilst tapping into the university’s ongoing research and academic insight on the role of elections in Africa’s democracy. Read more

Not up a blind alley but down a triumphal road to a PhD

In spite of his severe vision loss, Unisan Nico van Blerk has overcome all odds on his journey to a doctorate in Ancient Near Eastern Studies, which was awarded to him by the university on 9 May 2018. Read more

Be brave, nobody else can be brave for you

When one hears the story of Tinevimbo Matambanadzo and the challenges she had to overcome in order to graduate, one will then truly understand the strength of a Unisa student. Read more