Research Unit on Men and Masculinities


The Research Unit on Men and Masculinity (RUMM) is an African-situated, globally leading centre of scholarship, innovation, creativity, training, and socially engaged work on boys, men and masculinities.


Attentive to our situatedness in Africa, RUMM is driven by the mission to study and imagine the lives of boys, men and masculine subjects as a sex and gender with the goal of facilitating meaningful, healthy, happy and more fulfilling lives and relations among boys, men, girls, women and other sexes and genders.


The specific objectives of the Research Unit are to:

  • Conduct and support scholarly research and theory-making into the intersections of gender, class, race, culture, sexuality and other significant social categories that are constitutive of boys’, men’s and masculine subjects’ lives and relations. This objective is informed by the political intention to nurture healthy, just and flourishing relations between the sexes and genders.
  • Undertake and facilitate artistic, cultural and other creative work and social interventions in order to transform masculinities that contribute towards the oppression of boys, men, girls, women and other genders.
  • Collaborate with others, specifically gender and queer activists, women’s groups and feminist scholars and teachers on gender and sexuality around mutually supportive projects.
  • Attract and train honours, master’s and doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows to undertake work focusing on boys, men, masculinities and related topics.
  • Develop and maintain a variety of platforms and vehicles with the objective of sharing and disseminating knowledge and news on work on boys, men and masculinities.  

Last modified: 2019/05/30