Institute for Social and Health Sciences (ISHS)


Information is distributed through several existing Institute publications, which include a monograph series, a community report-back series, a research and technical report series and an occasional paper series. Recently the Institute and its Centre for Peace Action launched two Safe Communities newsletters that are distributed in South Africa and several other parts of the continent.

Learning groups in the form of small focus group discussions, seminars, colloquia and workshops are encouraged especially in contexts where there are no developed telecommunication systems or technologies. The kinds of information that this core activity seeks to develop and disseminate include:

  • Safety promotion and prevention practice guidelines
  • Strategies for the dissemination of workable best practices
  • Best management practices for safety promotion for different subregions of Southern Africa
  • Best research practices for rapid programme evaluation, and best policy options for safety promotion in low-income settings
  • Customised reports that are prepared on requests from the research and service communities.



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