Masculinity, Tradition and Social Change Programme

What we do

Masculinity, Tradition & Social Change Programme engages in projects that:

  • examine the development, propagation, resistance, and shifts of traditions (specifically socio-cultural, gender and sexual, economic, intellectual, and scientific traditions), with specific interest on the problematic of boys, men and masculinities in changing societies;
  • grapple with constructions and shifts of masculinities in the reproduction of and resistance against social injustice; and
  • contribute to the transformation, on the back of sound research and theory, of the lives of particularly boys and men as a gender/sex, within the stream of tradition and culture, towards healthier, happier, fulfilling, generative lives and relationships with their own gender/sex and other genders and sexes.

How we do it

Masculinity, Tradition & Social Change Programme seeks to:

  • contribute, through research, community engagement, and social activism, to the study and interventions into the ways in which gender and tradition, intersecting with class, race, sexuality and other socially salient categories, are co-constitutive of the lives of boys, girls, women and men;
  • collaborate on mutually beneficial, collaborative projects with gender activists, women’s groups, queer thinkers, (pro)feminist scholars and teachers and other critical groups and individuals on projects on boys, girls, women, men, masculinities, femininities, tradition and culture.
  • attract master’s and doctoral students, postdoctoral candidates and interns to undertake work focussing on boys, men, girls, women, masculinities, and femininities, tradition and culture.
  • develop and maintain a variety of platforms and vehicles with a view to sharing and disseminating news on work on boys, girls, men, women, femininities, masculinities, tradition and culture.