Institute for Social and Health Sciences (ISHS)

About Us


The ISHS is an Africa-centred, internationalist home to community-engaged scholars and activists who situate themselves in compassionate, transdisciplinary liberatory knowledge practices in the service of contextualised human development. Recognising our diverse positionalities, the ISHS builds on the collective and individual contributions of its people and their expertise in the social, psychological and public health sciences. The ISHS aims to produce knowledge and enactments to deepen the understanding of social, psychological health phenomena, and enable the transformation of psychology and cognate disciplines.


Africa-centred community engaged transdisciplinary institute of excellence in the social and health sciences with global reach


Enact liberatory compassionate scholarship and activism in the service of human development

Strategic Goals

  • Conduct trans-disciplinary, community-engaged and liberatory research in niche areas
  • Offer analytically-oriented services, research-based information and specialist advice to government, corporate and civil society actors
  • Provide post-graduate training and internship opportunities for next-generation scholars and change agents
  • Produce knowledge resources and promote their use, reach and influence in society
  • Grow partnerships and collaborations for research, training and public engagement
  • Create an enabling platform for the efficient and effective operational functioning and management of the Institute

Foundational Principles

  • Criticality – Questioning Privilege and Advancing Liberation
  • Community – Building Solidarity
  • Centredness – Positioning Africa
  • Citizenship – Participating in Public Life 
  • Collaboration – Working Together
  • Compassion – Caring and Non-Exploitative Scholarship
  • Creativity – Cultivating Innovation

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