UNISA ISTE Conference 2019

Abstract & Full Paper Submission

  • First or sole authors are not allowed more than 2 papers; however, can publish more than two papers as a second or third author.
  • Presentations at the conference are made by the first author.
  • If no presentation is made at the conference the paper will not appear in the conference proceedings
  • A draft conference proceedings will be available at the ISTE conference and the final conference proceedings will be published online one week after the conference.
  • During the review process, reviewers will rate the article on a sliding scale where 4 = Excellent and 1 = poor.  If both reviewers indicate that the article is excellent the paper will be considered for a special issue(s) of a journal and authors may be invited to work with the editor(s) to substantially enhance their papers before and during the conference. 

The templates for submission are as follows:

Full Paper Abstract
Full Paper Template Abstract Template
Guidelines for the Full Paper Guidelines for the Abstract

Last modified: 2019/05/31