Institute for Science and Technology Education (ISTE)

Professional development programme

As part of its community development programmes the Institute for Science and Technology Education (ISTE), University of South Africa organises a one week professional development programme tagged Winter School for Mathematics, Physical Science and Life Science teachers at the Further Education and Training (FET) band. The Winter School is an annual event and takes place during the winter school holidays. Certificates of attendance are issued as well as text books (for Mathematics and Physical Science) and other training materials for the educators themselves and for their schools.

The organisation of the Winter School was informed by the Institutes desire for effective teaching and learning of mathematics, science and technology in South African schools and also, the need to help the teachers overcome the problems they face in teaching some topics they hitherto find difficult to teach in the new national curriculum.

Prior to the Winter School, the Institute conducts a survey in schools in different Provinces into the difficult topics that educators of Mathematics, Physical Science, Life Science and Technology at the FET band find difficult to teach and the topics in those Learning areas that the FET learners find difficult to learn. This survey usually reveals a number of topics in each of the learning areas that pose challenges to the educators and learners. The survey equally reveals the possible reasons for the perceived difficulties.  The overall educators’ desire for content training workshops on the topics they find difficult to teach was taken to heart by the institute and hence initiation of the Winter School.

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