College of Graduate Studies

About STRI

The School of Trans-disciplinary Research Institutes – STRI -  is first & foremost a FAMILY and a COMMUNITY of Research Institutes – functioning and grounded on an ideally premised coherent tenet that:

"A community is a group of individuals that are jointly liable for each other, both individually and as a unit; and perform their function by establishing a sense of community among the different units for the School to succeed’

The following Institutes who are members of the of the STRI Family and Community are intertwined and related by their common goals and objectives through – increased Research throughput in M&D students, enhanced by Tuition & Teaching for accelerated throughput, accredited & peer reviewed journal publications as well as Community Engaged Research publications, and outreach programmes.

Contact details:
Prof Mokhele Madise (acting)
Tel: 012 337 6051 

Personal Assistant:
Abueng Mzelem
Tel: 012 337 6051

Last modified: 2019/05/16