M & D Research Training Programme

About us

The College of Graduate Studies coordinates research training workshops for Unisa students who are registered for Post graduate qualifications. These includes qualifications with the research outputs on NQF level 8 (Honours and Post-Graduate Diplomas), Masters (coursework and full dissertations) as well as Doctoral qualifications.

The offered research workshops are tailored for the different needs students have; to either prepare for their research proposal (Proposal Phase) or to conduct their research for their Master’s (Dissertation Phase) or Doctoral studies (Thesis Phase).

These workshops build on each other and it is recommended that students in the proposal phase attend most of these workshops. This will enable them to improve the quality of their research proposal.

The workshops offered to M & D students registered for the thesis phase are more advanced and focus on particular research aspects such as special research designs and methods, advanced statistical analyses or the introduction to particular software required for instance to analyse either qualitative or quantitative data.

Under the link “Workshop schedule” you are provided with all workshops offered to Master’s and Doctoral students in 2019 (including detailed information about the workshops). Please use this schedule to plan your own training for 2019. You are  requested to register and RSVP in advance for the workshops under the link “Registration”.

The College of Graduate Studies wishes you a successful academic year 2019 and we hope that our workshops support you in your studies.

Last modified: 2019/08/15