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High Performance Computing Unit

The High Performance Computing (HPC) initiative provides large scale computationalfacilities and research infrastructure for Researchers and post graduate, Masters and Doctoral students across the University for research projects with large computational needs.
Unisa has an established HPC Cluster, providing research infrastructure essential to the success of all research areas requiring intensive numerical simulations, modelling and calculations, together with supporting software resources and applications, used across Departments and Colleges within the University.

What is HPC

High Performance Computing (HPC) enables the solving of computationally intensive tasks or large problems. These may range from statistical analysis with large data sets (such as analysis of national population trends), to solving of large numerical problems (such as large linear problems and matrix diagonalization,as well as quantum mechanical simulations).

Using HPC resources in addressing such research problems enablessolvinglarger, more complex problems, enabling more accurate prediction oftrends and properties, as well as increasing the rate at which problems can be addressed, both by speeding up the solution of individual problems, as well as by solving a number of problems simultaneously.

HPC Clusters derive their ability by teaming a group ofpowerful machines to work together on calculations bigger than any one machine can handle, together with a systematic way of managing many simultaneous calculations.

Together with the HPC computational resources, researchers also have access to site licenses of various scientific software packages, such as Mathematica and MatLab, Gaussian, Materials Studio and Discovery Studio, various compilers as well as open source software packages.

Contact us

For access to the HPC, please contact 
Prof EB Lombardi (Research Department)
012 429 8654

For support issues, please contact:
Jacques Auret (, x3425) or 
Martin Prinsloo(, x3693

For installation of Mathematica
MatLab and other site licenses on individual PC’s, please submit a request to, with a copy to ICT staff who handle the installations, Tim Maboya,

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