College of Graduate Studies


The College of Graduate Studies is a research intensive college devoted to creating a dedicated space for multi-, inter-, and transdisciplinary research. With research methodology as a central platform of CGS, the College of Graduate Studies has developed a suite of training programmes through workshops, colloquia, video conferences and virtual research environments.  It reaches out to candidates in Unisa’s regional centres, from Gauteng to Akaki, Ethiopia. Many of the offerings are general, but some are tailor-made to fit the precise demands of specific fields of research.

Some of our path-breaking research projects are listed here:

  1. Academy of African Languages and Science (AALS)
  2. Developing teaching experiments to improve conceptual understanding in physics
  3. Land Reform, Land Grabbing and Agricultural Development in Africa
  4. African Families
  5. Sons of the Soil (SOS) conflicts in Africa
  6. Conflict and Scapegoating
  7. National Identity in South Africa

Last modified: 2018/07/05