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SIRGS hosts 'crackling' postgraduate workshops in Cape Town

From 10 to 12 May 2019, the School of Interdisciplinary Research and Graduate Studies (SIRGS) hosted a number of workshops in Cape Town to support Unisa postgraduate students with their research endeavours. A total number of 135 students attended these sessions.

John Abrahams (Head: Facilitation of Learning), Bronwyn Harding (Regional Academic Co-ordinator) and Claudine Petersen (Tutorial Officer) introduce the workshops

During recent semesters, SIRGS played a crucial role in supporting honours, master’s and doctoral students in Cape Town by offering a nurturing and supportive space to yield intellectual dialogue framed by innovation, discussions and critical thinking. Functioning in an interdisciplinary environment, key foci by them focused on structuring suitable research methodologies, finding resources, key information and academic literacy skills, progress, feedback, assessment and ethics.

Driven by an ethos of connection and dialogue, SIRGS also yielded meaningful relations with the Unisa Academic Literacies Centre and the Cape Town chapter of its Writing Centre’s Postgraduate Writers Circles.

"What I appreciated was how knowledgeable and well-informed all the presenters were on recent trends in the ambit of postgraduate studies. They were able to navigate through methodologies from the very general to the more specialised. And they were adaptable. The staff and students really appreciated every moment of the presentations," was the response of Jacques du Toit, the Regional Academic Coordinator responsible for Academic Literacies and Open Distance Learning Research at the Unisa Western Cape Office.

Students were also in awe of the quality displayed during the workshop. The following accolade was expressed by a PhD student, Cyril Goldstone, in response to the workshop:

I want to express my grateful thanks to Unisa for arranging the Master’s and Doctoral Seminar in Cape Town this past weekend. The two-day programme which I was privileged to attend crackled with brilliant insights relating to proposal planning, literature reviews, conceptual and theoretical frameworks, research methodologies and a myriad other detail shared with us - a veritable cornucopia of research techniques.

My heart sings when I reflect on the informative, well-researched presentations and perspicacious comments of Prof Patrick Ngulube, Prof Ramodungoane Tabane, Prof Matshidiso Taole and Mrs Suwisa Muchengetwa. These were the true highlights of the seminar. Congratulations to Unisa for selecting this scholarly academic quartet to aid us in mapping out our research journey!

WOW! Unisa - your large-hearted generosity will never be forgotten. Once again, please be assured of my deep appreciation for everything that was shared with us during this seminar.

* By Lee-Ann Davids, Deputy Registrar: Student Affairs and Regional Services, Western Cape Region

Publish date: 2019/05/24