Annual Interdisciplinary Academy

Stream 7: Cosmology and its Intersections

Stream Leader: Prof Lerothodi Leeuw; Selemela Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology, College of Graduate Studies, UNISA

This stream will explore the intersection of Cosmology and Particle Physics, as well as Computational Astrophysics and Machine Learning, in a series of seminars on (a) large-scale astronomical surveys to elucidate galactic evolution, dark matter and dark energy; (b) detailed studies of early stars and galaxies, as well as their formation; (c) the search for dark interactions with interpretation for dark matter; (d) computational astrophysics, machine learning tutorials and their its applications; and (e) the societal impact of these fields as learned from the lives of the people who practice them.

Machine Learning will be taught in two separate introductory and advanced workshops, respectively for candidates with limited and advanced computing backgrounds.

Stream Programme: 

08 – 10 April: Opening of the Annual Interdisciplinary Academy (Development of Research proposals)
15 - 17 April: Working Seminars within the Stream
05 - 07 August: Working Seminars within the Stream
03 - 05 September: Working Seminars within the Stream
01 - 04 October: Data Analysis & Machine Learning for Research
Interactive introductions to practical tools for data-oriented research for any scientific discipline
04 - 08 November: Week-long Interdisciplinary Summer School (Further work on Research Proposals and Presentations of preliminary results)


  1. Prof Lerothodi Leeuw, College of Graduate Studies, Unisa, South Africa
  2. Prof Zoltan Haiman, Columbia University, New York, NY, USA
  3. Prof Ketevi Assamagan, Brookhaven National Laboratory, NY, USA
  4. Dr Patrice Okouma, College of Graduate Studies, Unisa, South Africa

Minimum requirements for participants: 

Graduate students from Honours level up and postdoctoral fellows with any astronomy, mathematics, physics and computing backgrounds, as well as those interested in the societal impacts of these fields, who wish to gain a path to participating in these research areas, are welcome to apply for admission to the summer school stream.

Last modified: 2019/03/05