Annual Interdisciplinary Academy


Opening of the 7th Annual Interdisciplinary Academy: 08-10 April 2019

The 7th Annual Interdisciplinary Academy kicks off on the 8th April 2019. The stream leaders and students will define their research plans for 2019 during the first two days which will be shared during the plenary at the third day with all Interdisciplinary Academy participants. The interdisciplinary science-society talks/discussions will address the theme: “Politics, Business and Science”. Each stream will have their own seminars and research activities during the period from April to October 2019. The stream leaders will inform you about the dates and activities.

One-week Interdisciplinary Academy: 04-08 November 2019

The week-long Interdisciplinary Academy meeting serves to wrap up the research projects and to prepare the presentation of the research outcomes. During the last two days of the 7th Annual Interdisciplinary Academy, postgraduate students of the respective streams will present their research ideas, outcomes and experiences to the Academy plenary and the broader research community of the University of South Africa. We will continue our interdisciplinary science-society talks/discussions on “Politics, Business and Science” by engaging with representatives from higher education, politics and business

Last modified: 2019/02/28