Annual Interdisciplinary Academy


The 7th Annual Interdisciplinary Academy offers again an exciting programme for postgraduate students at UNISA. As a postgraduate student, you can apply for one of eight streams that address exciting societal and scientific issues ranging from water scarcity, sustainable energy, nanotechnology, sustainable development, climate change, drug discovery, cosmology to masculinities and femininities at university. Our programme is unique because it brings together postgraduates in an interdisciplinary environment to design and conduct innovative research. Moreover, the Academy offers in 2019 a public lecture series that feature national and international speakers who share their ideas on Science, Politics, and Business.

Postgraduates, who were selected to participate in the Annual Interdisciplinary Academy, will meet regularly with the faculty during the course of the year, starting on the 08 - 10 April 2019 when the Annual Interdisciplinary Academy officially kicks off and ending on the 04 - 08 November 2019 when all streams return to the interdisciplinary environment to share and present their research results and innovative solutions.

The Annual Interdisciplinary Academy will be held at the Unisa Science Campus in Florida, Johannesburg. It can accommodate a maximum of 150 participants. The following groups may apply to attend the Interdisciplinary Academy:

Unisa registered students/staff:

  • Honours students who intend to pursue a Master’s Degree at Unisa within the streams of the Academy;
  • Master’s students who intend to pursue a PhD at Unisa within the streams of the Academy;
  • PhD students registered at Unisa; and
  • Unisa Post-doctoral fellows.

Students/staff from other universities

  • Master’s students at any university; and
  • PhD students at any university.

We look forward to receiving your applications.

Academy email address:


  • Closing date for applications: 20 March 2019
  • Response date to applicants: 22 March 2019  

Last modified: 2019/03/14