College of Graduate Studies

Red carpet research and innovation at Unisa

The university's R&I Awards highlight the relevance and improved profile of researchers as national, continental and global contextually relevant scholars. Read more

Charting our own African experience in an ODeL environment

Unisa's 2019 Research and Innovation Week is informed and mirrored by the transformation that is underway in the higher education sector and society. Read more

African experience of ODeL takes centre stage

"It is important to look at our own issues and incorporate them into the (research) framework. Anything you want to do on the continent must be contextualised." ~ Prof Christine Ofulue of NOUN was one of the opening-day speakers at Unisa's Research & Innovation Week. Read more

This is my story and I am telling it…my way

"My vision is to establish a central hub for postgraduate student research support within Unisa, nationally, and on the African continent." Prof Lindiwe Zungu, the newly appointed Executive Dean of Unisa’s College of Graduate Studies (CGS), tells the university what makes her tick. Read more

Unisa R&I Week 2019 is the place to be

Crisp, concise and comprehensive views of key ODL research trends and highlights are on offer at Unisa’s Research & Innovation Week 2019 - along with some educated speculation about what the future might hold. Read more

Indigenous languages have pride of place on Wikipedia

Unisa's Academy of African Languages and Science (AALS) is working on research projects to develop high-quality digital African language resources and technologies. Read more

Of land and other thorny issues

The Unisa-Sowetan Dialogue held recently at the Graduate School of Business Leadership was a vigorous discussion of the questions around agrarian reform in South Africa. Read more

Premier nano conference comes to the continent

The first-ever African Chapter of the established International Conference on Surfaces, Coatings and Nanostructured Materials, co-hosted by Unisa, got off to a tremendous start on Monday. Read more

An impressive prize winner—Malik Maaza

The incumbent of the UNESCO-Unisa Africa Chair in Nanosciences and Nanotechnology accepted the 2018 José Vasconcelos World Award of Education at the 35th World Cultural Council Award Ceremony in Hong Kong last week. Read more

Encouraging originality and celebrating diversity on a mega scale

Unisa’s Erica Flinspach tops the list as Turnitin honours 28 institutions and individuals worldwide for their dedication to fostering cultures of integrity and teaching students to find their authentic voices. Read more