Department of Language Education, Arts and Culture

About us

The Department of Language Education, Arts and Culture is a new department in the College of Education, established in June 2012. Our department recognises communication as an essential part of our survival. Most of us communicate using language, dance, drama and music. Hence, the study of language, dance, drama and music in schools forms an integral part of the new curriculum. In recognising the important role that language, arts and culture education plays in the classroom we offer modules in language and arts and culture teaching.

Who will benefit from our modules?

Our modules are aimed at equipping the language, arts and culture teacher to engage with theoretical knowledge of both tried and tested and cutting edge approaches to language, arts and culture teaching. Further, our modules are linked to teaching practice modules.  In the teaching practice modules students are encouraged to apply the theory they have learnt to design and develop creative lesson plans for their learners.

Our language, arts and culture teaching modules are both theoretical and practical taking into account the current curriculum changes underway in South Africa (CAPS). Our modules also recognise the multicultural and multilingual communities within South Africa. Students who choose our modules are able to use the knowledge they have gained in any language, arts and culture classroom in South Africa and beyond our shores. Further, students are also allowed to specialise in any of the official languages approved by the Department of Basic Education.