Department of Early Childhood Education

Prof NC Phatudi

College of Education
School of Teacher Education
Department: Early Childhood Education
Tel: 012 429 4582


  • PhD

Field of Specialisation

  • Literacy in the early years



  • Phatudi, N C and Moletsane, M. (2013l Restoring Indigenous Languages and the Right to Learn in a Familiar Language:A Case of Black South African Children  in (Eds) Beth Blue Swadener, Laura Lundy, Janette Habashi & Natasha Blanchet-Cohen. Children’s Rights and Education: International Perspectives.  New York. Peter Lang. ISBN: 978-1-4331-2121-0
  • Phatudi, N. C. (editor) (2015) Introducing EFAL for young learners. Cape Town. Pearsons in books:
  • Ina Joubert, Marié Botha, Nkidi Phatudi, Judy Van Heerden and Annalie Botha Towards the Scholarship of Assessment: the contribution of a poster presentation assessment project by final-year student teachers
    A chapter in an assessment Book to be published by Pearson in 2016.
  • A Chapter in SAGE publication to be published in 2017.
    Projects: Still to be confirmed. Proposal for funding submitted.
    Responsible for the following modules: Reading, writing and spelling: Second language

Journal articles

Publications in accredited journals:

  • Phatudi, N. C., Joubert, J. C. & Harris, T. 2015. Self-Reflective Practices during Teaching and Learning of an Undergraduate Literacy Module. International Journal of Education Sciences. Vol. 8 (1).
  • Abidogun, B. G., Phatudi, N. C., Joubert, J. C & Hartell, C. G. 2015 Teachers’ Perceptions and Value of Yoruba as a Medium of Instruction in Primary 3 Classes.  International Journal of Education Sciences. Vol. 8 (1).
  • Phatudi N. C. 2013. Perspectives of Black students on the use of mother tongue at Higher Education institutions in South Africa, Journal of Educational Studies. Vol. 12 (1): 1 – 15.
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  • Joint article written by the former college lecturers. 2004. The impact of university incorporation on college lecturers. South African Journal of Higher Education. Vol. 48 (2): 153-172.


Research interest:

  • Mother tongue instruction in the early years
  • Transitions in the early years and quality in ECD
  • Professional positions and awards: Research in early Childhood Education ( UP)