Department of Curriculum and Instructional Studies

Dr P Biccard

College of Education
School of Teacher Education
Department: Curriculum and Instructional Studies
Tel: 012 490 6634


  • PhD
  • MEd
  • BPrimEd
  • BEd(Hons)

Fields of academic interests

Research interest:

  • Modelling, Teacher development, Teaching practice

Field of Specialisation

  • Mathematics Education


Books and Chapters:

  • Biccard, P. & Wessels, D.C.J. 2011. Documenting the development of modelling competencies of grade 7 mathematics students. In G. Kaiser, W. Blum, R. Borromeo Ferri & G. Stillman (Eds). Trends in Teaching and Learning of Mathematical Modelling. Dortrecht: Springer Science and Business Media. 375-383.

Journal articles

Accredited Journals (past 5 years):

  • Biccard, P. & Wessels, D.C.J. 2011. Development of affective modelling competencies in primary school learners. In Pythagoras, 32(1). doi: 10.4102/pythagoras.v32i1.20
  • Biccard, P. & Wessels, D.C.J. 2015. Student mathematical activity as a springboard to developing teacher didactisation practices. In Pythagoras, 36(2). doi:10.4102/pythagoras.v36i2.294

Paper presentations

International papers presented:

  • Biccard, P. & Wessels, D.C.J. 2015. Using the six instructional design principles for assessing modelling capabilities of students in mathematics classrooms. Paper presented at the 17th International Conference on the Teaching of Mathematical Modelling and Applications (ICTMA) held in Nottingham, UK from 19 to 24 July 2015.