Department of Psychology of Education

Prof G Bester

College of Education
School of Educational Studies
Department: Psychology of Education
Tel: 012 429 4337
Fax: 086 541 0322


  • B Sc,
  • B Ed, 
  • M Ed (Educational Psychology),
  • M Ed (Guidance Psychology),
  • D Ed (Educational Psychology) 

Currently teaching

  • HBEDTRD (Theory and Research in Education)

Fields of academic interests

Research interests:

  • Adolescent development and learning

Field of Specialisation

  • Educational Psychology
  • Research Methodology

Journal articles

  • Bester, G & Fourie, JAC 2006. Relationships of adolescents who experience group Pressure. S A Journal of Education, 26 (1).
  • Bester, G & Bester, CA 2006. Affective variables relating to drama on secondary school level. Journal of Language Teaching, 40 (2).
  • Bester, G & Bester, CA 2007. Affective variables relating to drama on secondary school level. SA Journal for Research in Sport, Physical Education and Recreation, 29 (1).
  • Bester, G 2007. Personality development of the adolescent: peer group vs parents. SA Journal of Education, 27 (2)
  • Parent-child relationship and adolescent egocentrism.  Acta Academia, vol 43 no 2. 2011
  • The effect of technology on learner attention and achievement in the classroom.  South-African Journal of Education vol. 33, no.2, 2013