Department of Inclusive Education

About us


The Department of Inclusive Education at Unisa is the first and only academic department in higher education in the country. The department is committed to train all professionals and non-professionals who interact and provide support to learners with diverse needs. The aim is to equip them with necessary and relevant skills to educate and support learners with diverse needs.

The diverse needs may include but not limited to the following

  • Learning needs
  • Emotional needs
  • Social Needs
  • Neurological needs
  • Intellectual needs
  • Physical needs

The Department conducts research on a number of areas in Inclusive Education

  • Inclusivity, Diversity and Equity in Education.
  • Sexual Violence, Disability and Education.
  • Disability in Education and Society.
  • Special Needs Education.
  • Teacher Education for Inclusion.
  • Inclusion and Anti-colonial worldviews.
  • Care and Support in Education.

Last modified: 2020/01/23