Department of Educational Leadership and Management

Prof T Netshitangani

College of Education
School of Educational Studies
Department: Educational Leadership and Management
Tel: 012 429 4261


  • DEd

Fields of academic interests

  • Educational management
  • Gender, School violence

Field of Specialisation

  • Educational management


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  • Netshitangani, T. (2016). Teacher practices that promote school violence in Reflections on Professionalism, Pedagogy and The Theoretical Underpinnings of Teaching Practice Revisited,  Mathipa, E.R., Netshitangani, T. & Matlabe, S.M., (Edit),. New York: Nova Publishers
  • Edited Book (2017): Mathipa, E.R., Netshitangani, T. & Matlabe, S.M. (2017). Reflections on Professionalism, Pedagogy and The Theoretical Underpinnings of Teaching Practice Revisited. New York: Nova Publishers.

Journal articles

  • Netshitangani, T. (2008). Gender differences in communication styles: Its impact to managerial work of women school principals: ANZCA (Australian and New Zealand Communication Association. (Online publication)
  • Thakhathi, T. & Lemmer, E. M. 2002. Communication strategies of women principals of secondary schools: South African Journal of Education, 22(3):  193 – 197.
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  • Mncube, V & Netshitangani, T. (2014) Can Violence Reduce   Violence in Schools? The Case of Corporal Punishment, Journal of Sociology and Social Anthropology, 5:1: 1-9
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  • Netshitangani, T. (2016) Law and order setback: Usage of police to eliminate School-based violence in South Africa.  Journal of Social Sciences (JSS).
  • Netshitangani, T. (2016) Socialisation and communication of women school managers: a rural perspective, E-Bangi, 11(2), 325-344.

Professional positions, fellowships & awards



  • Bramley Children’s home community engagement project
  • Majuba TVET project