Department of Adult Basic Education

Prof MM Dichaba

College of Education
School of Educational Studies
Department: Adult Basic Education
Tel: 012 481 2727
Fax: 012 429 4919


  • D.Ed (Adult Education): North West University
  • Postgraduate Supervision Certificate: Rhodes University
  • Tycho Faculty Training Certification Course: University of Maryland University College (UMUC)

Currently teaching

  • DYD214W
  • DYD2195

Fields of academic interests

Research interest:

  • Adult Education
  • Professional Development
  • Youth Development
  • Community Engagement

Field of Specialisation

  • Adult Education


  • Dichaba, MM 2016. Realigning Adult Basic Education towards the 21st Century. In a book entitled: Re-aligning the Curriculum (in press): Cengage Publishing (edited by Meahabo Magano and David Roberston).

Journal articles

  • Dichaba MM. 2017. Advocating the agenda of women in open distance learning: Feminist adult learning strategies. Dichaba M. Gender and Behaviour, 15, (2): 9244 – 9248.  
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Professional positions, fellowships & awards

  • 2014 to date: Editor: Proceedings of the South Africa International Conference on Education.


  • 2015 to date: Principal Investigator and Project Leader. Mapping and Auditing of e-learning Resources in an ODL Environment: the case of the University of South Africa.
  • 2013 to date: North West Province Team Leader. Archaeology of Ubuntu.
  • 2013 to date: Free State Team Leader. 500 Schools Project. UNISA
  • 2013 to date: Eastern Cape Team Leader. Kha Ri Gude Mass Literacy Campaign. UNISA
  • 2006: Team member. Examining the Implementation of Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) in the North West Province, Commissioned by the Department of Public Works (NWU).


  • Task Team Member: Professionalisation of Youth Work in South Africa, Office of the Presidency
  • Represented Unisa at the SADC Youth Planning and Consultative Forum, 27-30 April 2015, KADOMA, Zimbabwe
  • Part of the SA delegation (representing Unisa) at the World Conference on Youth 2014 (6-10 May 2014) that was held at Sri-Lanka (Colombo) under the theme: ‘Mainstreaming Youth in the Post-2015 Development Agenda’.