Department of Public Administration and Management

Prof LC van Jaarsveldt

College of Economic and Management Sciences
School of Public and Operations Management
Department: Public Administration and Management
Associate Professor
Tel: 012 4293771


  • PGDip: Tertiary education (Unisa, 2019)
  • Dlitt et Phill: Public Administration  (Unisa, 2011)
  • MA: Public Administration (University of Pretoria, 2003)
  • BA (Honours): Public Administration (University of Pretoria, 1997)
  • BA (University of Pretoria, 1996)

NRF Rating


Fields of academic interests

  • Public Administration education
  • ICT in and for education
  • Curriculum development in Public Administration
  • E-government  

Field of Specialisation

  • Public Administration Education

Research interests

  • Knowledge and methods in Public Administration
  • Reflective Public Administration
  • Public Administration education and training
  • ICT in and for education
  • Curriculum development in Public Administration


Book chapter(s)

  • Van Jaarsveldt, L.C. 2016. Reflections on Learning Programmes.  Human Resource Management in Government: A South African perspective on theories, politics and processes.  Edited by: van der Westhuizen E.J. Juta Publishers. Cape town.
  •  Van Jaarsveldt, L.C. 2017. Development of E-Government in South Africa. Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy and Governance. Springer International Publishing. Germany.


Journal articles

  • van Rooyen, E.J. & van Jaarsveldt L.C.  2003.  A South African developmental perspective on e-government, Journal of Public Administration, volume 38. September 2003. 
  •  Wessels, J.S. & van Jaarsveldt, L.C. 2007.  The role of higher education in developing and retaining the best for the public service – a South African perspective, POLITEIA – Journal for Political Science and Public Administration, volume 26 (2). 2007.
  •  van Jaarsveldt, L.C. 2008. The need for public administration education to improve service delivery in the Information Society.   Journal of Public Administration, volume 43 (2.1) 2008.  
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  • Van Jaarsveldt, L.C. Knowledge and skills required by public servants in fast changing world and work environment. Administratio Publica volume 26 issue 2.
  • Van Jaarsveldt, L. C., de Vries, M. S., & Kroukamp, H. J. 2019. South African students call to decolonize science: Implications for international standards, curriculum development and Public Administration education. Teaching Public Administration37(1), 12–30.

Non-Accredited Publications And Published Conference Proceedings

  •  Naidoo, G. & van Jaarsveldt, L.C. 2004. E-Government in South Africa: A perspective on initiatives, readiness and developmental issues, Towards E-Government: Management Challenges.  Edited by: Gupta, M.P. TaTa McGraww-Hill Publishing Company, New Delhi, India.
  • van Jaarsveldt, L.C. 2008. Advances in ICT beneficial to government and education in a post-apartheid South Africa, Adopting E-Governance Edited by: Sahu, G.P.  GIFT publishers, New Delhi, India.
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  • Van Jaarsveldt L.C. & Naidoo, G. 2013. An overview of the development and use of Web 2.0 by the South African government. International Journal of Advances in Computing and Information Technology, volume 2 issue 2.
  • Naidoo, G. & van Jaarsveldt, L.C. 2013. The role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in service delivery in South Africa.  Extropiaism: Towards Convergence of Human Values and Technology.  Edited by: Kushwaha, A.K., Kaur, P. & Bhushan, J. Excellent Publishing House. New Delhi, India. 

Professional positions, fellowships & awards

  • 2007:  Young Researcher of the Year – School of Management Sciences.
  • 2008:  Young Academic Programme – UNISA
  • 2008:  Department of Public Administration and management - Researcher of the Year
  • 2010:  UNISA Principles Prize for Excellence in Research
  • 2010:  UNISA Woman in Research – Developing Researcher Award
  • 2011:  UNISA Woman in Research – Resilience in Research Award
  • 2011:  UNISA Woman in Research – Young PhD Award
  • 2012:  UNISA Woman of the Year – Courage in Adversity
  • 2013:  CEMS Tuition Award – outstanding contribution to Teaching and Learning objectives
  • 2014:  CEMS Tuition Award – student retention and throughput
  • 2015:  Guest Lecturer  - School of Public Administration, Lomonosov Moscow state University,  Moscow - Russia
  • 2016:  CEMC Tuition Award – student support
  • 2018:  IASIA project manager working group VIII Human Resource Management
  • 2018:  ASSADPAM best conference paper award
  • 2019:  Guest Lecturer -  School of Public Administration, Lomonosov Moscow state University,  Moscow - Russia