Consulting Psychology Conference 2019

Conference themes

The 2019 #Consulting Psychology Conference entitled “The Mysteries of Africa” will explore Africa’s intricacies, dilemmas and related opportunities as they unfold within organisations and communities, through the lens of consulting psychology.

i-Afrika yi ntsika ye hlabathi – Africa is the pillar of the world – in so far as humanity (Ubuntu) is concerned. Africa’s mysteries to the world include ideals of humanity and interdependence as central tenets. However, these mysteries in the form of gifts often go unnoticed because colonialism is the primary lens through which Africa is viewed. Notwithstanding the history and present-day impact of colonialism, Africa and her mysteries remind us of implicit wisdom that should be brought to the fore. This conference will tell the African story in a different manner, by emphasizing how Africans grapple with familiar and unfamiliar challenges within organisations and communities. Africans are acknowledged not as passive recipients of the world’s civilization, but rather as active participants and in fact leaders in the promotion of basic values of humanity, such as mutual respect, consultation, and interdependence, to name but a few.


The story will unfold in the following manner:

1. Consulting to communities

2. African psychology meeting positive organisational behaviour

3. Methodologies in consultation underlying feminism

4. Uncovering mysteries of Africa

Last modified: 2019/06/27