Department of Decision Sciences

Prof P Potgieter

College of Economic and Management Sciences
School of Economic and Financial Sciences
Department: Decision Sciences
Associate Professor
Tel: 012 433 4603


  • BSc(UP)
  • BSc(Hons)(UP)
  • MSc(UP)
  • PhD(Unisa)

Currently teaching

  • Optimisation
  • Stochastic processes and probability theory
  • Master's reading programme in combinatorial optimisation

Fields of academic interests

  • Concepts and techniques from the fields of nonstandard analysis, fractal geometry, Brownian motion, Fourier analysis, additive number theory and descriptive or algorithmic complexity. Proof for the Fourier dimension of the rapid points of Brownian motion and establishing a dimensional correspondence principle between the real numbers and the integers, with the aim of being able to transfer results between these contexts.

Field of Specialisation

  • Fourier analysis


Community engagement:

  • Video and internet resources which aim to impart basic numeracy and financial numeracy skills to people without any kind of mathematics background; the focus is to have easy-to-follow instructions for everyday problems optimised to fit into a mobile context.
  • Identifying problems in and suggesting solutions toward improving informal public transport in South Africa.