Department of Decision Sciences

Prof G Davie

College of Economic and Management Sciences
School of Economic and Financial Sciences
Department: Decision Sciences
Associate Professor
Tel: 012 433 4636


  • BSc(Hons)(UP)
  • MSc(UP)
  • PhD(UP

Currently teaching

I teach the first year Mathematical modelling course, third year selected topics in Operations Research (Game theory, multiple regression, history or/and heuristics) and the honours course in Neural Networks. Previously from the Mathematics department, I have taught mathematics at all undergraduate levels and at honours level.

Fields of academic interests

My research is in Kolmogorov complexity (in which the complexity of an object is taken as the length of the shortest computer program which will generate the object). I am particularly interested in the relations of Kolmogorov complexity with computability questions and how Kolmogorov complexity enables one to prove more effective (computable) versions of probabilistic phenomena.

Field of Specialisation

  • Complexity


Community engagement:

  • I teach a course in financial derivatives based on the book by Hull.