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Welcome to Youth Research Unit (YRU)

The South African population is largely composed of children and young people.  In response to the growing need for current youth-related research information, the Bureau of Market Research (BMR) established the Youth Research Unit (YRU) in 2009. The YRU has since developed into a sustainable research unit producing high-level research output. 

Since its inception, the YRU research activities primarily focused on online behaviour and psychosocial issues including substance abuse, bullying and sexual exploitation of children.  The identified focus areas significantly affect the well-being of young people and subsequently impact on the effective functioning of the South African society as a whole.  In 2017, the YRU has further broadened its research focus by incorporating neuroscience research procedures and is closely working with the Consumer Neuroscience Research Laboratory situated within the Behavioural and Communication Research Division of the BMR. 

In addition to producing pertinent research information, the YRU has introduced innovative research activities and initiated the National Youth Research Conference and YRU Research Seminar Series.  These activities aim to empower stakeholders with knowledge and establish supportive networks across South Africa. Moreover, both these activities have received overwhelming support from various government departments, non-governmental organisations and the private sector.

Based on the background information highlighted above, it is clear that the YRU has made a significant impact on the youth research culture and policy formulation in South Africa.  Over the past years, interest and support of the YRU have gone beyond national level and generated international interest from several individuals and organisations based in Australia, United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, and Thailand.  The global interest in the YRU clearly highlights the support and relevance of the YRU research activities.


In 2019, the YRU@BMR is launching its first syndicate research model.  The syndicate research model allows multiple stakeholders to collectively access research information at an affordable rate.  The model will consist of a maximum of 10 stakeholders with youth research interest, who collectively decide on two research projects per annum.  The scope of the research projects will be formulated based on the stakeholders’ interests, in line with the YRU research focus area.   After completion of the research projects, the research results will be made available to all the syndicate members in the form of research reports and presentations. 

The Youth Research Syndicate membership includes the following benefits:    

  • Two syndicate research projects per annum;
  • Two technical research reports per annum;
  • Two research roundtable discussions per annum;
  • Access to and marketing opportunities at the YRU Research Seminar Series and YRU National Youth Research Conference at Unisa; and
  • Access to the YRU@BMR youth research network.

The Youth Research Syndicate membership is available at R125 000.00 (excluding 15% VAT) per annum.

The YRU syndicate model is convenient and more affordable than custom research projects, which are also available on request.  Should your institution or establishment wish to join the YRU Research Syndicate, please click here to download the application form. 

For any enquiries related the the research focus and activities of the YRU, please contact

Dr Antoinette Basson
Tel: +27(0) 12 429 3099
Email: bassoa@unisa.ac.za

Last modified: 2019/03/05