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Youth Research Unit (YRU)

Welcome to Youth Research Unit (YRU)

The Youth Research Unit (YRU) of the Bureau of Market research (BMR) in the College of Economic and Management Sciences at Unisa, was established in 2008 and launched as a Research Flagship Programme in 2011, with the aim of generating scientific research information among the South African youth, that will contribute to knowledge and community development.

Activities / Events

The YRU@BMR conducts scientific research related to contemporary issues impacting on the well-being of South African youth and is known to be actively involved within the youth research environment.

Besides conducting research, the YRU@BMR also strive to create industry related networks and engage in different community activities, empowering the youth through sharing relevant information and providing guidance on educational, social and financial issues.

YRU Activities
  • Commissioned research
  • Development of industry networks
  • Community engagement
  • Conferences

Recent Research Projects

In 2011/2012, the YRU@BMR embarked on a community-based research project known as the ‘School Research and Community Engagement Project’, which aimed to instil a research culture and investigate contemporary issues among the youth.   The research project provides functional research information for government, non-governmental stakeholders and individuals who are interested in or responsible for the well-being of the South African youth.  The project is repeated every second year and provide a constant flow of relevant research information.

Research Focus Areas
  • Online behaviour
  • Bullying
  • Substance abuse
  • Child sexual exploitation
  • Social and behavioural traits

In 2014/2015 the YRU@BMR conducted commissioned research for the Film and Publication Board.  Based on the mandate of the organisation and identified research needs, two research projects were conducted into the impact of media content on children in South Africa and issues related to child pornography.

Community Engagement

The YRU@BMR aims to be involved in the development of a research culture and social upliftment among the South African youth.  All research projects designed and carried out by the YRU@BMR include a strong community engagement element and the YRU@BMR team members regularly interact with children, parents and professionals on topics such as online safety, bullying and substance abuse.

Besides school visits and other engagements, the YRU@BMR  host a national Youth Research Conference every second year during which the latest YRU@BMR research findings are disseminated and supported by other national and international professionals. The latest Youth Research Conference was held in April 2016.  During this conference former Public Protector of South Africa, Thuli Madonsela delivered a key note address and international speaker Mr Brad Huddleston from Brad Hudlleston Ministries in the United States of America, shared his views regarding online addiction.

In 2016, the YRU@BMR introduced the ‘YRU adopt a primary school’ initiative aimed specifically at research and community engagement activities among younger children.  The first primary school identified by the YRU@BMR is Kameeldrift Primary School located in the west of Pretoria.  The school embraces diversity and supports learners from impoverished communities surrounding the school.  

Academic citizenship

The YRU@BMR actively contributes to the academic environment by presenting research papers at both national and international conferences.  In 2012 the YRU@BMR presented no less than three research papers at the International Conference on Applied and Theoretical Information Systems Research in Taipei, Taiwan.  In 2016 the YRU presented research papers on cell phone addiction, cyberbullying and the impact of online sexually explicit material at the NETs2016 International Conference on Internet Studies in Osaka, Japan.

Since 2015, the YRU@BMR is involved in the development of a Short Learning Programme in Classification of Media content in South Africa.   The University of South Africa’s College of Law and Bureau of Market Research in partnership with the Film and Publication Board (FPB) is introducing a 12 month short-learning programme to enable individuals to become professional media content classifiers.

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