Capacity building and training

CEMS has also embarked on an active process to improve the research capacity and to train researchers in the College in ethical practices. An ongoing research training programme is open to all staff members and they are encouraged to complete their master’s and doctoral studies.

As a result, CEMS is currently experiencing a steady growth in research activities and output in a variety of economic and management disciplines in ten academic departments as well as in the Institute of Corporate Citizenship (ICC). The academic departments are structured into three schools, namely Economic and Financial Sciences, Management Sciences and Public and Operations Management.

CEMS is also proud of its newly appointed Research Ethics and Integrity Advisor. The first such position in Unisa. The main objectives of this newly created post are

  • advising the College Research Ethics Review Committee on the ethical implications of all applications for ethical clearance in the College
  • assisting researchers and postgraduate students with the ethical and permission implications of their research designs in preparation for their applications for ethical clearance
  • promoting a culture of research integrity and research ethics in the College

Last modified: 2020/08/26