College of Economic & Management Sciences

It's time to rethink

In a lecture presented at the Iraqi-African Centre for Strategic Studies on 14 July 2020, Prof Joseph Chisasa, Chair of the Department of Finance, Risk Management and Banking at Unisa, emphasised that the AU 10-year plan is no longer completely achievable by 2023 because of Covid-19. Read more

It’s an SABR board shuffle

Unisa’s Prof Adewale Aregbeshola is now acting editor of the Southern African Business Review following the retirement of Prof Nico Martins. Read more

Top innovator bags another top award

Unisa’s Prof Marcia Mkansi was awarded joint second place in the European Conference on Research Methodology for Business and Management Studies with her Research Methods Index. Read more

Every office needs a superhero

When the lockdown started, students in Unisa’s Department of Finance, Risk Management and Banking did not know who to turn to for assistance with numerous queries - until they found Annah Sibanyoni. Read more

Mega crowdfunding could help poor countries in Covid-19 fight

Unisa’s Prof Dan Makina, from the School of Economic and Financial Sciences, says that WHO could issue bonds to which the general public, private companies, organisations and governments could subscribe to finance a vaccination programme. Read more

Highly cited ODL scholar has influence on many fronts

Prof Paul Prinsloo joins the prestigious Unisa Million Rand Club with an eye-wateringly large grant from a consortium of European foundations to research the question: How is secondary-level schooling being refigured through digital technology in different regions of the world and in what ways are these changes reproducing, exacerbating or alleviating in/equality? Read more

CEMS economists compile weekly Covid-19 report

Although they are not medical doctors or epidemiologists, the members of Unisa's Macroeconomic Policy Analysis Research Flagship Programme felt that they could make a contribution to fighting this pandemic by processing the cases reported on a daily basis. Read more

Undaunted by lockdown and homelessness, he targets a bright tomorrow

Shaping futures in the service of humanity through accessible open distance learning is what Unisa is all about, and Sakhile Nsibande is determined to change the fortunes of his family with a qualification from the institution. Read more

A Pan-Africanist passionate about uniting researchers across the continent

Prof Raphael Tabani Mpofu, Unisa's Deputy Executive Dean of the College of Economic and Management Sciences, joins the exclusive 2019 Half Million Rand Club for funding he received from the AU for various projects aligned to Agenda 2063. Read more

Prolific innovator sets out to clear roadblocks for online retail in SA

"Research and innovation are two sides of the same coin," says Prof Marcia Mkansi, one of Unisa's two "most prolific" innovators of the past five years. Read more