Department of Geography

Prof AW Gunter

College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences
School of Ecological and Human Sustainability
Department: Geography
Associate Professor
Tel: 011 471 3390


  • DPhil (UJ)
  • MA (WITS)
  • PDM (WITS Business School)
  • Bsc (hons) First Class (WITS)
  • Bsc (WITS)

NRF Rating


Fields of academic interests

  • Local Economic Development
  • International Education
  • Urban Development

Field of Specialisation

  • Economic Geography

Journal articles

Publications since 2014

  • Gunter, A., and Raguham, P., (2018): Higher Education in the Global South: Internationalisation, localisation and the edu-scape of HE in South Africa , Globalisation, Societies and Education Education 16 (2), 192-207.
  • Mittelmeier, J., Long, D., Cin, F.M., Gunter, A., Raghuram, P., Rientes, B. and Reedy, K., (2018). Learning design in diverse institutional and cultural contexts: Suggestions from a participatory workshop with higher education professionals in Africa. Open Learning: The Journal of Open and Distance Learning (online)
  • Gunter, A., and Massey, R., (2017): Renting Shacks: the informal rental market in Johannesburg, South Africa, Bulletin of Geography, 37(37), 25-34.
  • Gunter, A., and Raguham, P., (2017): Internationalisation, localisation and the eduscape of Higher Education in the global South: the case of South Africa. In van Riemsdijk (ed) Rethinking International Skilled Migration. Routledge
  • Gunter, A., (2016): Monash South Africa: An international degree in a local setting, in Visser, G., Donaldson, R. and Seethal, C., (eds) A Documented History of a Century of Geography at Universities in South Africa, 1916-2015. Africa Sun Media
  • Sachikonye, M and Gunter, A, (2016): Sustainable livelihood principles and urban greening in informal settlements in practice:  A case of Zandspruit informal settlement, South Africa, Development Southern Africa,
  • Gunter, A, and Manuel, K., (2016): A Role for Housing in Development: Using housing as a catalyst for development in South Africa. Journal of Local Economic Development,
  • Gunter, A. (2014): Mega events as a pretext for infrastructural development: the case of the All African Games Athletes Village, Alexandra, Johannesburg. Bulletin of Geography. Socio-economic Series23(23), 39-52.
  • Gunter, A. (2014). Renting shacks: Landlords and tenants in the informal Sector. Urbani izziv, (25 (s), 96-107.
  • Gunter, A., (2014): Creating Co-Sovereigns and Empowered Citizens using Social Housing in Johannesburg South Africa, Habitat International 39(1) 278-283.

Paper presentations

Conferences since 2009

  • Raghuram, P. and Gunter, A., (2014): International study in the global South: linking student, staff and institutional mobility. Royal Geographical Society 25 – 29 August, London, UK.
  • Gunter, A., (2014): Renting Shacks: the prevalence of tenancy in the informal housing sector in Gauteng Province, South Africa, South African Geographical Society, 22 – 27 June, East London, SA.
  • Gunter, A., (2013): Mega events as a pretext for infrastructural development: The case of the All African Games Athletes Village, Alexandra, Johannesburg, Sports, Leisure and Society Conference, 19 – 20 September, Brighton, UK.
  • Gunter, A., and Scheepers, L., (2011): Slum Housing as a Catalysis for Wealth Creation and Local Economic Development, IGU Regional Conference, 14-18 November, Santiago, Chile.
  • Gunter, A., (2011): Creating co-sovereigns though social housing, RGS-IBC Conference, 3-6 August, London, England.
  • Gunter, A., (2010): Selling Slums, reviewing De Soto’s tenure debate, UrbanLand Mark Conference, 1 – 2 November, Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Gunter, A., (2010): Property Tenure and Local Economic Development, International Conference of Social Science, 2 – 5 August, Cambridge University, Cambridge, England.
  • Gunter, A., (2010): Is this the end of Neoliberalism: The collapse of the housing market and the role of the state, School of Arts Seminar Series, Monash South Africa.
  • Gunter, A., and Scheepers, L., (2009): Low Cost Housing: local wealth in property, IGU Local Economic Development colloquium, 7 – 14 September, Warsaw, Poland.
  • Gunter, A., (2009): Using FOSS GIS to Map Squatter Settlements in Developing Countries. 8th Biannual Conference of the Southern African Geographical Society, 1-3 September, UNISA.
  • Gunter, A., and Scheepers, L., (2009): Exploring poverty elevation through housing provision. 8th Biannual Conference of the Southern African Geographical Society, 1-3 September, UNISA.
  • Gunter, A., (2009): Getting it for Free: Using FOSS GIS to estimate dwelling frames in Squatter Settlements. International Geosciences and Remote Sensing Symposium, 13 – 17 July, University of Cape Town.
  • Gunter, A., (2009): Exploring Urban Africa: Field Excursions through Johannesburg Tshwane and Ekurhuleni Region, Geography and Environmental Science Seminar Series, Monash University, Clayton Campus.

Professional positions, fellowships & awards

  • School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford 2012: Visiting Research Associate
  • Department of African Studies, University of Edinburgh 2014: Visiting Research Fellow
  • Department of Geography, The Open University UK 2016, Visiting Research Fellow
  • OpenSpace Research Centre, Open University 2013 – present: Associate Member
  • Council Member (Student Awards):  South African Geographical Society
  • Advisory Board Member: of the International Water Center, African Water Research Node 2009 - 2011.
  • Fellow: of the Royal Geographical Society
  • Corresponding member: The International Geographical Union’s Local Development Commission


  • Joint ESRC/NRF Newton Fund Grant 2016-2019 (R10 000 000) - Facilitating Equitable Access and Quality Education for Development: South African International Distance Education
  • VisionKeepers Research Grant 2014 (R354 000) - Tenancy in the Informal housing market in South Africa
  • South African Geographical Society Special Projects Award 2014 (R60 000) - Crowd Source Mapping
  • National Research Foundation Freestanding Postdoctoral Fellowship 2012 (USD$16 500) - The Effect of Mega Events on Local Economic Development
  • Monash Research Office Small Research Grants 2011 (R97 000)           
  • International Strategic Initiatives Funding 2009 (A$8 000)