Department of Life and Consumer Sciences

Prof JB Dewar

College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences
School of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Department: Life and Consumer Sciences
Tel: 011 471 3112


  • BSc (Microbiology and Chemistry)
  •  BSc (Honours) (Microbiology and Chemistry (Biol))
  •  MSc (Microbiology)
  •  PhD (Molecular Biology)

Fields of academic interests

Teaching interests

  • Social applications of microbiology
  • Molecular biology

Research interests

  • Molecular biology including identification of viral and bacterial pathogens; stem cell research; microbial and chemical analysis of water quality; isolation and characterisation of medically active plant compounds; community engagement projects involving health issues.

Journal articles

Publications since 2010

  • N Parbhoo, J Dewar and S Gildenhuys (2015). Sequence analysis and structural implication of rotavirus capsid proteins (Submitted).
  • MJ Bahati, KM Ntabugi, J Dewar, and BC Sekomo (2015). Heavy Metal Tolerance and Antibiotic Resistance of Environmental Bacteria Isolated from the Kahwa River, Bukavu Town, DRCongo (Submitted).
  • E Maphoroga, S Taylor and J Dewar (2015). Remediation of a contaminated park in an urban landscape after gold mining has ceased: Manuel Street Park, City of Johannesburg (In Prep.)
  • W Schoombee and J Dewar (2015). Increased growth shown by neonate calves following colostrum supplementation with nutritional nucleotides (In Prep).
  • E Theron, M Nyanga and J Dewar (2014). Ratification of rapid rotavirus diagnostic test strips.  South Afric J Infect Dis 29(2), 91-94.
  • B Mwakikunga, S Sihna Ray, M Mokwena, J Dewar, I Geibelhaus, T Singh, T Fischer and S Mathur (2013). Tin dioxide nano-wire device for sensing kinetics of acetone and ethanol towards diabetes monitoring. SENSORS Instit Elec Eng and Electronics. ISSN: 1930-0395.
  • J Dewar (2013).  Empowering Society through rotavirus and water research. Res Innov@Unisa 2012: 49.
  • Setshedi I, Fouche G, Dewar J, Maharaj V and Myer M (2012). Phytochemical isolation of compounds from Sceletium tortuosum and activity testing against Plasmodium falciparum.  Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research, 79 (2).
  • C Knox, G Luke, J Dewar, P de Felipe, B Williams (2012). Rotaviruses and emerging picornaviruses as aetiological agents of acute gastroenteritis.  SA J Epid and Infect 27(4),141-148).
  • T van Eeden and J Dewar (2010). Exploring the University of South Africa (Unisa) evaluation practices through the assessment of an educational DVD. Progressio 32(2), 65-84.
  • M Seheri, N Page, J Dewar, A Geyer, L Nemarude, P Bos; M Esona, H Sommerfeld and D Steele (2010). Characterization and molecular epidemiology of rotavirus strains recovered in northern Pretoria, South Africa between 2003 and 2006. J Infect Dis 202 (S1), 139-147.
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  • M Aminu, N Page, A Ahmad, J Umoh, J Dewar and A Steele (2010). Diversity of rotavirus VP7 and VP4 genotypes in Northwestern Nigeria. J Infect Dis 202 (S1), 198-204.