Department of Life and Consumer Sciences

Prof EL Kempen

College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences
School of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Department: Life and Consumer Sciences
Associate Professor
Tel: 011 471 2241


  • BSc Home Economics
  • Honours BSc Home Economics
  • M Home Economics
  • PhD in Philosophy

Fields of academic interests

Teaching interests

  • Processing, interpretation and application of information in the learning environment; researching and postgraduate studies in the ODL context
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Sustainable consumption
  • Consumer attitude, perception, values and emotions

Field of Specialisation

  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Green consumer consumption
  • Consumer decision making
  • Qualitative research methodology

Journal articles

Publications since 2010

  • Kempen, E, Kasambala, J, Christie, L, Symington, E, Jooste, L, & Van Eeden, T. 2017. Expectancy-value theory contributes to understanding consumer attitudes towards cow’s milk alternatives and variants. International Journal of Consumer Studies, vol.41, no.3, pp.245-252.
  • Kasambala, J., Kempen, E., & Pandarum, R.  2016.  Determining female consumers' perceptions of garment fit, personal values and emotions when considering garment sizing.  International Journal of Consumer Studies, 40:143 – 151
  • Kempen, E.L., Kasambala, J. and Toerien, E. 2015. A conceptual framework of e-fashion shopping intent.   International Retail and Marketing Review, Vol11(1):23 – 43.
  • Kasambala, J., Kempen, E.L. and Pandarum, R. 2014. Female consumers’ perceptions of garment fit, personal values and emotions considering their body shapes.  The retail and Marketing Review, vol. 10, no. 1. pp. 95-108.
  • Van der Merwe, M, Viljoen S, De Beer H, Bosman M and Kempen, E.  2013.  Consumers’ experiences of cold chain food packaging: a qualitative study, International Journal of Consume Studies, 37:650 – 657.
  • Kempen, EL., Muller, H., Symington, E, & Van Eeden, T.  2012.  A study of the relationship between health awareness, lifestyle behaviour and food label usage in Gauteng. South African Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 25(1):15 – 21.
  • Kempen, EL., Bosman, M., Bouwer, C., Klein, R., & Van der Merwe, D.  2011. An exploration of the influence of food labels on South African consumers’ purchasing behaviour.  Doi:10.1111/j.1470-6431.2010.00928.x
  • Venter, K., Van der Merwe, d., De Beer, H., Kempen, EL., & Bosman, M. 2011. Consumers’ perceptions of food packaging: an exploratory investigation in Potchefstroom, South Africa, doi:10.1111/j.1470-6431.2010.00936.x
  • Van der Merwe, M., Breedt, S., Kempen, EL & De Beer, H.  2010. Food choice:  student consumers’ decision-making process regarding food products with limited label information, International Journal of Consumer Studies, 34:11-18.