Department of Life and Consumer Sciences

Prof SL Lebelo

College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences
School of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Department: Life and Consumer Sciences
Tel: 011 471 3644


  • BSc ( majoring in Physiology and Zoology)
  • BSc Hons Physiology and Zoology
  • MSc Physiology and Zoology
  • PhD in Medical Bio Sciences

Fields of academic interests

Teaching interest

  • Teaching human physiology modules
  • Assessment and teaching strategies

Research interest

  • Medicinal plant use in inflammation, diabetes, and reproduction
  • Male Reproduction physiology
  • Mycotoxins

Journal articles

  • Mupunga I, Lebelo SL, Mngqawa P, Rheeder JP, Katerere DR, 2014.  Natural occurrence of aflatoxins in peanut and peanut butter from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.  J Food Protection. 77:1814-1818.
  • Mogale AM, Mkhombo MH, Lebelo SL, Shai LJ, Chauke, MA, de Freitas A. 2012.  The effects of Clausena anisata [(Wild,) Hook] [Rutaceae] leaf extracts on selected diabetic related metabolizing enzymes. Journal of Medicinal Plant Research. 6(25) 4200-4207.
  • Mogale AM, Lebelo SL, Thovhogi N, Shai LJ, de Freitas A. 2011. The inhibitory effects of Sclerocarya {(A.Rich.) Hochst.} subspecies extracts on alpha amylase and alpha glucosidase. African Journal of Biotechnology. 10:4242-4248.
  • Shai LJ, Magano SR, Lebelo SL, and Mogale AM. 2011. Inhibitory effects of five medicinal plants on rat alpha-glucosidase:Comparison with effects on yeast alpha-glucosidase. 2011. Journal of Medicinal Plants Research. 5:2863-2867.
  • Mogale AM, Lebelo SL, Shai LJ, and Eloff JN.  2011.  Aloe arborescens aqueous gel extract alters the activities of key hepatic enzymes and blood concentration of triglycerides, glucose and insulin in alloxan-induced diabetic rats.  African Journal of Biotechnology. 10 (20): 4242-4248.
  • Kwinda GT, Jacobs A, Lebelo SL, Rong IH. 2015.  Mucorales from selected spoilt fruit commodities in the Gauteng Province, South Africa. African Plant Protection. Vol 18.
  • Bolukaoto, JY, Monyama MC,  Chukwu, MO,  Lekala SM, Nchabeleng M, Maloba MRB, Mavenyengwa RT, Lebelo SL, Monokoane ST, Tsepuwane C, Moyo SR.  2015.  Antibiotic resitance of Streptococcus agalactiae isolated from pregnant women in Garankuwa, South Africa. 8:364