College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences

Centre for Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

The College has contributed to the University of South Africa in its endeavors to use SLPs to serve South African and African societies by disseminating knowledge and improving on skills and capacity. During 2013, SLP activities within the College included short learning programmes in various formats, including Programmes, Courses, Conferences and Workshops. These have benchmarked activities and standards for the newly constituted Centre for Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, (the Centre) and are the foundation upon which to build and expand SLP activities during 2012 and then into the future.

Unisa’s vision “The African University shaping futures in the service of humanity” drives us to find answers to Africa’s education and developmental problems. By forming partnerships in Africa and throughout the world, we are able to help the people of Africa achieve their dreams. The Centre will, therefore, prioritize its activities through research, teaching and community engagement, to address the short-term and longer-term needs of our African communities and nations.

With the constant expansion of knowledge, new opportunities unfold to address the sustainable use of natural, living and community resources for the benefit of humanity. With this in mind, the Centre intends to identify and develop a blend of pertinent and relevant SLPs to address skills gaps and challenges in both national and international communities.

As manager of the Centre, I look forward to interacting, in a spirit of mutual respect and benefit, with colleagues involved in the development and presentation of College SLPs.

Manager: Mrs Elna van Niekerk
Unisa Florida Campus
E-mail address:
Telephone: 011 471 2325
Fax: 011 4712796

Last modified: 2016/10/09