Research in Environmental Pollution, Ecotoxicology and Remediation Studies

 The focus of this research group includes but is not limited to quality, risk and impact assessments, monitoring, analyses and management of environmental pollutants in the environment, ecotoxicology, modelling and environmental remediation (bio- and phyto-) studies; optimization and application of analytical chemistry and biotechnological techniques in environmental and industrial research areas.

The group is interested in finding innovative and sustainable solutions to the declining quality of the air, water and soil due to anthropogenic activities. Treatment and management of solid and effluent waste are also handled by this group.


The research group will primarily train M&D students within the environmental science discipline. For example, members will look at innovative and cost effective environmental sample collection methods, extraction methods; extract purification methods; synthesis of novel adsorbent material and their application in different environmental and industrial scenarios; analytical method developments; eco-toxicological studies; pollution control, treatment and management activities, etc.

Group Leaders

Group members


Each senior member of the group is expected to recruit and train M&D students. These students will be linked to projects and supervisors prior to their enrolment in the M&D programs. Members are encouraged to take advantage of funding opportunities for post-doctoral support. Graduate throughput can be achieved by aligning M&D student training and supervision to key performance areas of members in this research group.

Last modified: 2017/07/10