College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences

People and Parks Community Needs Assessment Project Phase 3

Mofolo Regional Park in Soweto is being rehabilitated and upgraded by the City of Johannesburg. UNISA and City Parks have been working together on the community involvement, awareness raising and community liaison regarding the upgrade. Overall the plan is to improve the living conditions of residents and users of Mofolo Park by enabling them to access recreational facilities free of charge. It is also an initiative by CoJ to invest in previously disadvantaged areas with the purpose of rectifying past wrongs and create a more ‘liveable’ urban environment for the residents of Soweto. To date, UNISA has been involved in this rehabilitation by (1) driving Community Dialogues (2014), which have informed city planners, as well as (2) a survey.  Now, phase 3 of the Community Needs Assessment is to undertake an Park Resource Audit .Overall, this will deepen the level to which investment decisions made by CoJ into Mofolo Regional Park can be justified and go a long way to ensuring community buy-in and support for the infrastructural investments.

Last modified: Thu Nov 30 11:31:27 SAST 2017