Accounting Sciences

Application and registration requirements to study in 2018

All prospective Unisa students, as well as existing Unisa students intending to register for a new qualification in 2017, must apply online via the Unisa website, during the dedicated application periods in 2016. As part of the process, an applicant will be required to upload certain supporting documents and pay a low nominal fee.

Registration for studies in 2018 will only be allowed for successful applicants. It must be emphasised that should a student not apply successfully for admission in time, no registration will be allowed. In addition, no late applications will be allowed.

Application periods 

For registration in 2018Must apply (online) during
Postgraduate qualifications (NQF level 8 and higher), including CTA level 2 / one-year CTA programme (98255), and CTA level 1 (98231) 11 September – 13 November 2017

Registration periods

If your application was successful, you will then be allowed to continue with the registration process

Registration period for studies in 2018During
Undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications (including the Advanced Diploma (98230 – CTA stream), and the CTA level 2 / one-year CTA programme (98255), and CTA level 1 (98231))  
  • Complete all required registration/placement steps during; and then
Nov - Dec 2017
  • Finalise registration
3 Jan - 26 Jan 2018

All student enrolments are subject to terms and conditions, including Unisa admission policies and ranking, which are available from the Unisa website.