Academic Profiles

Prof Y Botha (Slabbert)

College of Human Sciences
School of Arts
Department: Communication Science
Associate Professor
Tel: 012 429 3242


  • BA Marketing Communication (UJ)
  • BA (Hons) Corporate Communication (UJ)
  • MA Communication (Unisa)
  • D Litt et Phil Communication (Unisa)
  • RPE Introduction to the Financial Markets 2007 and RPE Rules and Regulations 2008 - SAIFM
  • Short course on Project Management Principles and Practices 2009 - University of PretoriAdvanced Editing 2009 - University of Pretoria
  • PRINCE project management 2009; Foundational level - CTU
  • Advanced short course in conduct outcomes-based assessment in higher education and open distance learning (with distinction) 2011 – UNISA
  • Certificate in Introduction to Research Ethics: Online TRREE training programme in research ethics evaluation 2018

NRF Rating


Fields of academic interests

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Stakeholder inclusivity (King Report on Corporate Governance / AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard)
  • Corporate image, identity and reputation
  • Responsible leadership
  • Change communication

Field of Specialisation

  • Strategic communication
  • Stakeholder relationship building and management
  • Corporate communication   

Journal articles

Slabbert, Y. 2016. A new conceptual framework to strengthen internal corporate image: A stakeholder-inclusive perspective. Communicatio 42(2): 253-275.

Slabbert, Y. 2015. Towards a new stakeholder-inclusive conceptual framework to strengthen internal corporate image. Communicare 34(2): 39-57.

Slabbert, Y. 2015. A strategic organisation-stakeholder relationship-building model: An external organisational-orientated perspective. Communitas 20: 62-83.

Slabbert, Y & Barker R. 2014. Towards a new model to describe the organisation-stakeholder relationship building process: A strategic corporate communication perspective. Communicatio 41(1): 69-97.

Slabbert, Y & Barker, R. 2012. A sequential, integrated, sustainable organisation-stakeholder relationship (SISOSR) process for building organisation-stakeholder partnerships: a conceptual framework. Communicare 31(2):1-28.

Slabbert, Y & Barker, R. 2011. An integrated crisis communication framework for strategic crisis communication with the media: A case study on a financial services provider. Communicatio 37(3):443-465.

Slabbert, Y. 2014. An exploratory study of corporate communication as a strategic organizational function: A proposed model for building organization-stakeholder partnerships. Journal of Management and World Business Research 11(1):12-30.

Slabbert, Y. 2018. Accepting change as part of organgisational life: Does this resonate with high-change organisations in South Africa? Communicare 37(2): 127-149.

Slabbert, Y. 2018. Co-change-orientated communication: A collaborative approach to making sense of change. Communitas 23(1): 87-107.

Barker, R. & Slabbert, Y. 2018. Die pad na gedeelde betekenis: Inlynkommunikasiemedia as veranderingsagent vir volhoubare strategiese belangegroepverhoudings. Tydskrif vir Geesteswetenskappe 58(1-4): 841-859.

Paper presentations

Slabbert, Y. 2012. Beyond reactive crisis communication with the media. An integrated crisis communication framework Paper presented at the Communication, Media, Technology and Design (ICCMTD) conference: ICCMTD 2012, Istanbul, Turkey.

Slabbert, Y. 2013. Towards a sequential, integrated, sustainable organization-stakeholder relationship (SISOSR) model: A strategic perspective for building stakeholder partnerships. Paper presented at the 11th annual conference on communication and mass media, Athens Greece, 13-16 May 2013 ISSN 2241-2891.

Slabbert, Y. 2013. Corporate communication as a strategic organization-stakeholder relationship building function: An exploratory qualitative study among JSE listed South African organizations. Conference proceedings: WARES and AWFBMIT 1(1):147-163.  Edited by Ogunmokun, G.  (ISBN 978-0-9752272-5-1).

Slabbert, Y. 2014.  A partnership approach to organization-stakeholder (OSR) building: A strategic corporate communication perspective. Paper presented at the International conference for academic disciplines, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain, 16-19 June 2014.

Slabbert, Y. 2014. Exploring the pragmatic relevance of a partnership approach to strategic organization-stakeholder relationship building: A study of public relations agencies in South Africa. Conference proceedings: 6th Biennial conference of the Academy of World Business, Marketing and Management Development 6(1):  225-246 (ISBN 978-0-9752272-8-2).

Slabbert, Y. 2016. How could you use your employees to build internal corporate image? A new stakeholder-inclusive conceptual framework. Paper presented at the Association for Business Communication (ABC): Figuratively speaking conference, University of Cape Town, Cape Town, 6-9 Jan 2016.

Slabbert, Y. 2016. Managerial guidelines to strengthen the internal corporate image: a new stakeholder-inclusive conceptual framework. Paper presented at the 16th international conference on knowledge, culture and change in organizations: Climates of change: Organizations in a time of ecological and social vulnerability, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, USA, 19-20 April 2016.

Slabbert, Y. 2016. Collaboration, continuity and emergence: Change-orientated from a postmodern strategic communication perspective. Conference proceedings: 7th Biennial conference of the Academy of World Business, Marketing and Management Development 7(1): 37-51, 18-21 July, Krakow, Poland (ISBN 978-0-9943178-4-1).

Slabbert, Y. 2017. En route: A stakeholder inclusive approach for multiple stakeholder engagement. Conference proceedings: The 29th SAIMS annual conference, 10-12 September, Bloemfontein.

Slabbert, Y. 2017. Co-change orientated communication (co-COC): A strategic communication perspective in an emergent change context. Conference proceedings: Association for Business Communication’s 82nd annual international conference, 18-21 Oct, Dublin, Ireland.

Slabbert, Y. 2018. From monologue to dialogue: Key considerations for an approach to multiple stakeholder engagement. 8th Biennial conference of the Academy of World Business, Marketing and Management Development 8(1):104-121, 17-21 July, Athens, Greece (ISBN: 978-0-9943178-8-9).

Botha, Y.  2019. A balancing act: Stakeholder enablement and empowerment towards multiple stakeholder engagement. In M. Twum-Darko (ed.), Pragmatic business solutions by Africa for Africa: 5th International Conference on Business and Management Dynamics 2019 proceedings, AMHI, UAE, September 2-4, 2019, pp. 24-37.

Professional positions, fellowships & awards

  • NRF Y2 rated researcher
  • Member of The South African Institute for Management Scientists
  • Member of The International Association of Business Communication (IABC)
  • Associate Fellow of the Academy of World Finance, Banking, Management and Information Technology.
  •  Reviewer of the Editorial and Reviewers’ Board of the Athens Journal of Mass Media and Communications.
  • Prof Slabbert also received track chair awards at the WARES and AWBMAMD conferences and a certificate of merit at the International conference for academic disciplines in Barcelona, Spain.
  • 2018 Certificate of best paper commendation for the paper titled: From monologue to dialogue: Key considerations for an approach to multiple stakeholder engagement presented at the 2018 AWBMAMD conference in Athens, Greece
  • Recognition of exceptional achievement: Best student in BA (Hons) Corporate Communication for 2006 – University of Johannesburg
  • Section Head: Organisational Communication (2015/2016)
  • Departmental Research Chair (2018)


  • Prof Slabbert is involved in a project hosted by the College of Human Sciences focused on developing video tutorials on academic integrity for Honours students. Prof Slabbert is specifically responsible for the video tutorial series that focuses on technical guidelines in academic writing. This section of the video tutorial series provides students with pointers on how to prepare and present your assignments as well as an overview on academic writing style.
  • Prof Slabbert is the initiator and co-developer of a fully online short course hosted by the Unisa Centre of Applied Information and Communication that focuses on providing students with practical guidelines in building stakeholder relations in line with the King Report on Corporate Governance.
  • Prof Slabbert is the Deputy Chair of a UNISA registered community engagement project which is focused on providing selected non-profit organisations with guidance on communication and financial strategy planning. This project is a collaborative effort between the Unisa College of Human Sciences and College of Accounting Sciences.