Academic Profiles

Prof M Duby

College of Human Sciences
School of Arts
Department: Art History, Visual Arts and Musicology
Tel: 012 429 6895


  • PhD (UP, 2006)
  • MMus (UN, 1987)
  • BA (UCT, 1975)

NRF Rating


Fields of academic interests

Research interests

  • Music cognition and perception
  • Phenomenology
  • Epistemology 

Field of Specialisation

  • Jazz studies
  • Performing arts
  • African music 


Book chapters:

  • Chapter submitted: Cascudo & Palacios, eds. Música, metáfora y cuerpo: Perspectivas desde la filosofía y la neurociencia. e-book, provisional title: Música y cuerpo: una introducción (
  • Chapter submitted: Johnson, ed. ‘Fanfare for the warriors’: Jazz, education, and control in apartheid South Africa and after. Submitted to Transnational Studies in Jazz series (Routledge).
  • Chapter submitted. Grant, ed. ‘A unique way of being’: Music and Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenology of Perception. Submitted to The Thing Itself – Performance Phenomenology (Palgrave).
  • Chapter draft submitted. Donin, ed. Soundpainting as gesture-based "live composition". Submitted to IRCAM/GEMME Paris.
  • Invited to submit chapter for University of Stellenbosch publication: Postgraduate supervision: future focus for a knowledge society (2016). 

Journal articles

  • 2010. Staging Roberto Bonati's The Blanket of the Dark: A twenty-first century vision of ‘the Scottish play’. Shakespeare in Southern Africa, 22, 29-38.
  • 2013. The Consul at sunset: Representing Lowry's Mexico in song. Scrutiny2: Issues in English Studies in Southern Africa, 18(2), 18-35.
  • 2013. ‘Reminiscing in Tempo’: The Rainbow and resistance in 1980s South Africa. South African Music Studies, 33, 81-100.
  • 2013. ‘Knowledge in the hands’: A phenomenological framework for assessing live ensemble performance. Musicus 41(1), 27-32.
  • 2014. ‘Alweer die Alibama?’ Reclaiming indigenous knowledge through a Cape Jazz lens. Muziki, 11(1), 99-117.
  • 2014. In search of the improvising body: Towards an epistemology of embodied improvisation. Sonic Ideas/Ideas Sónicas, 6(12), 33-41. (Mexico: ISSN 2317-9694).
  • 2015. Ecologies of home: Tales of 20102 and no man’s land. Scrutiny2: Issues in English Studies in Southern Africa 20(1), 63-75.
  • In press, 2015. ‘Sounds of a cowhide drum’: Some challenges facing a new African musicology, final draft submitted 13 June (Journal of the Musical Arts in Africa – ISI journal)
  • In press, 2015. Aristotle’s intellectual virtues and ensemble performance, draft submitted to Journal of Musical Arts Education (24 April, ISSN 2201-6333)
  • In press, 2015, IZU, B O and DUBY, M. Ewini Music in Ugie festival (Benin kingdom, Southern Nigeria) and its significance for cultural identity, draft submitted to Journal of Musical Arts Education (24 April, ISSN 2201-6333)  

Professional positions, fellowships & awards

  • Co-editor Muziki journal
  • Member editorial board International Journal of Music Education
  • Board member NewMusicSA 


  • NRF CPRR13090633436: Jazz and resistance in South Africa